Designed for you by people like you

oneFlow™ is an accounting system that takes care of your accounting requirements. The system is specifically designed for contractors, freelance programmers, writers, agents, consultants, artists, designers, sub contractors, eBay sellers, and household finances.

Suitable for use in Australia, United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Europe.

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Change anything at any time. No end of year procedures, general ledger accounts to setup or complicated journal transactions

Event Driven Interface

Never get stuck in a spot forcing you to close what you are doing and return to a previous interface

Works For You

oneFlow™ works for you rather than you working for it. Leaving you to do what you do best

Todays Technology

Utilises the capabilities of today's technology to reinvent accounting made simple

Why oneFlow™?

Flexible Accounting

oneFlow™ takes care of the accounting requirements leaving you to do what you do best in your career. The system gives you the flexibility required to produce the necessary reports for your tax or accountant requirements without the typical complexities involved in traditional accounting systems. oneFlow™ allows you to change anything at any time. Fixing a mistake is simply a matter of changing the incorrect entry.

Designed For You

oneFlow™ is designed with the individual in mind who requires a system to manage their accounting requirements. Designed by individuals for individuals. Fast, efficient, easy to use allowing you to concentrate on what you do best.


A customiseable Dashboard allows for an overview of oneFlow™ by several different Widgets which can be selected to appear. Widgets include common tools such as a Clock, Calculator and several graphs including Profit & Loss, Income Vs Expenses and Category Summaries.



Smart Categories

Imagine a system where general ledger codes or account types are a thing of the past. Imagine being able to assign entries to a category and have the system work the rest out.

Time Log Management

Extends the traditional invoicing system to allow for the logging of time spent on particular activities for clients.

Invoicing Your Way

oneFlow™ Invoices merge with Microsoft Word Templates (defaults provided) giving you full control of how an invoice appears by allowing complete design freedom using Microsoft Word.


All the reports you would expect including Profit & Loss, Category Summary, Category Detailed, Various Banking reports , Invoice, Purchasing and Billing summaries and many more.

Category Extensions

Using smart categories with extended descriptions allows for easy entry of commonly used services and items.

Dynamic Fields

Dynamic fields allow the dynamic updating. For example if {CurrentMonth} is included in an Extended Category Description the field is automatically replaced with the Current Months name.



Free for charities, religious organisations and non profit organisations. Contact oneFlow™ for a free licence.



Who are we?

The oneFlow™ team consists of people like you. While programmers at heart, they also write novels, design, consult, and freelance in a variety of arts. This is where the idea of oneFlow™ birthed. We wanted enterprising individuals to benefit from an advanced accounting system without the guff and complexity of typical accounting systems.

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Why use oneFlow™?

Why use an accounting system designed for larger businesses with procedures you don't require. Tasks which lock you into a particular way of operating that generally doesn't suit individual requirements. We designed oneFlow™ to account the way you want to do your accounting, intelligently.

You don't need to have an accounting background to setup your books. You don't need to know what a debit or credit is.

Source Code Licensing

oneFlow™ has extended licensing options starting from $999USD allowing the purchase of a source code license. Owning the source code future proofs the buyers investment allowing complete freedom for customisation of oneFlow™. An extended source code license enables the purchaser to on-sell any derivative product they may correct from oneFlow™ in their particular industry. Contact the oneFlow™ team for more details.

Now its up to you to decide

Thanks for sticking with us. Continue for screenshots or make a choice and join the oneFlow™ community. We would love to see you a part of it.

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System Requirements

Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2008 Service Pack 2, Windows Vista Service Pack 2

Microsoft Word 2003+ (for invoicing if required)



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